Piacenza Congressi - Piacenza Expo
24 February 2014
Hall B
24 February 2014
Sala B
Sala B
Sala B
Sala B
Sala B
Room of 100 seats, adaptable according to different needs, suitable for hosting board meetings, private and reserved meetings, conferences and training courses. It is also used as exhibiting space, for instance for showrooms with a meeting area.

Room size:
length m. 19,90
width m. 10,50
height from m. 3,80

Access doors (two, in aluminum and glass, with emergency exit purpose):
width m. 2,20
height m. 2,60

Technical equipment:
Heating / Air Conditioning
Electric energy
Sound system
Radio microphone
Podium with 2 microphones
Possibility of technical assistance
Removable seats