Piacenza Congressi - Piacenza Expo
24 February 2014
24 February 2014
Palazzo Comunale (Palazzo Gotico)
Madonna adorante il bambino con San Giovannino di Sandro Botticelli
Santa Maria di Campagna
Sala dei Teatini
Piazza Cavalli
Piacenza is located in the Padana Plain at an altitude of 61 meters above sea level. It’s located on the right shore of the Po river, between the estuary of the Trebbia river at west and the Nure river at east. At a distance of fifteen kilometers there are the hills of Piacenza, the first part of the Ligurian Apennines. The geographical position, at the crossroads of Lombardia, Liguria and Emilia, has always determined its military-strategic fate and has transformed it into an important highway and railway junction.

Piacenza is a city of art and has an important artistic heritage, originated from its millennial history.

Thanks to its favourable geographical position, a lot of activities related to logistics have found here their location. The exhibition centre of Piacenza Expo is inserted into this context, easily reachable from the main productive districts of North and Centre Italy. It is also important the presence of some engineering and petrochemical companies related to the production of pipe fittings. Agriculture has qualitative production related to milk zootechnics, industrial tomato and viticulture. Currently, the territory of Piacenza is the only one in Italy, beyond that the only European administrative district, to count typical sausage protected by the D.O.P. (pancetta, salame, coppa).

In the city center you can find a venue of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with four faculties (Agriculture, Economics, Law, Education), from October 2010 it has been created a new faculty of law and economics of banks and financial markets, by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, exclusive of the venue of Piacenza. Besides, there is a venue of the Politecnico of Milan (Architecture and Engineering) and the Music Conservatory “Giuseppe Nicolini”. By Piacenza Expo there is the research laboratory MUSP which is dedicated to the study of the machines tools and of the production systems.

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